The Urban Healer

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage uses a variety of strokes to manipulate the skin, superficial muscles and soft tissue structures. It increases circulation, calms the nervous system and gives a general sense of peace and wellbeing, while relieving basic pain.

60 min - $100   75 min - $125   90 min - $150   120 min - $200


Deep Tissue

The aim of Deep Tissue Massage is to restore structural alignment and balance within the body by releasing chronic deep muscular tension that inhibits postural ease and movement

60 min - $100    75 min - $125   90 min - $150


Prenatal Massage

For Mothers To Be, a gentle, relaxing massage to ease the body and mind in preparation to give birth. 2nd and 3rd trimester only.

60 min - $100    70 min - $125    90 min - $150


Hot Stone Massage

The use of heated river stones to ease the muscles into deep relaxation

60 min - $100    75 min - $125   90 min - $150



A system of manipulating the body to restore balance, Shiatsu uses thumbs, elbows, knees and feet to press along the body's network of energy meridians and pressure points, releasing blocked channels of energy, alleviating pain and promoting health in the whole body

60 min - $100   75 min - $125   90 min - $150   120 min - $200


Thai Yoga Therapy

In Thai Yoga Massage, the client is placed in a variety of yoga postures on a floor mat. The postures stretch the various energy lines of the body, which are also stimulated by palming and thumbing techniques. Promotes deep relaxation and a sense of profound openness in the body

60 min - $100  75 min - $125    90 min - $150    120 min - $200

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a very simple system of healing, carried out by placing hands on or over a person with the intent to channel universal healing energy into the body. Reiki brings comfort from pain, creativity when we feel stifled and love when we feel separated

60 min - $100


Reiki Crystal Energy Healing

Reiki energy combined with the healing benefits of crystal therapy. After an initial assessment, during which the quality of energy in each chakra is determined, stones are placed on and around each center to promote balance, release stress and correct under- and overactive chakra states

60 min - $100

Aromatherapy: Custom Blending

Aromatherapy uses pure Essential Oils extracted from the leaves, stems, fruits, flowers, leaves, bark, seeds, berries or roots of plants, trees and herbs to treat various ailments. The therapeutic elements in the oils are absorbed through the skin, enter the blood stream, and diffuse throughout the body while simultaneously being absorbed via the nasal mucosa.Adding Essential Oils to massage helps to relieve stress, relax and soothe aching muscles and ease general pain. The aromas also act upon the emotional centre in the brain which governs the way we feel. After an initial consultation, a select synergistic blend of pure Essential Oils will be created specifically for the client and utilized during the treatment.


Essential Immune Booster Massage

Based on the Raindrop Technique in that it uses Essential Oils to stimulate the body's natural defenses with their anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but safer because the oils are lightly diluted in Jojoba oil. Gentle Swedish Massage moves lymph and increases circulation to release toxins from the organs, relax the nervous system and promote internal health.

60 min - $100